Tambour Testimonials

Ashley Priano : "As a young mom of two children, I have spent years lugging around the essentials: a purse, a diaper bag, extra snacks, my phone in hand-all while trying to carry a child through the parking lot! I tried switching to a backpack and even just tossing the kids’ items in my own purse—but I still ended up having to carry extra and even broke a few bags that couldn’t stand up to the demands of motherhood. I accepted that this was a phase I had to endure until my kids were older. When I saw Tambour Bag Co on social media, I fell in love with the style of the bags, but doubted that they would be anymore functional than other bags on the market. I decided to seek out customization options and ended up purchasing a beautiful, high quality bag that includes snaps all around-allowing me to carry it compactly when I’m on my own, and open it up to provide more space when I’ve got the kids along. I have yet to run out of space, even when packing for long road trips, and I constantly receive compliments about my bag! I no longer have to fumble around with several bags; I simply grab my Tambour bag knowing that I have everything I need in a quality bag that will see me through these years of raising children."  - THE TAMBOUR MINI


Lexi King (Lex King Photography) : “I am over the moon in love with my tambour bag … I’m a photographer so knowing that these are customizable made me SO excited to jump on the bandwagon and customize mine to hold my cameras and equipment! Not only are they really appealing to the eye but the quality is amazing! I’m so happy with my bag and I can NOT wait to add more tambour bags to my collection!” - THE ADVENTURER


Joey presenting sterloid with his TAMBOUR BAG

Sterloid (@sterloid) : “Tambour Bags are the real deal. The aesthetic, the durability, and the careful thought that was put into the design, makes it a perfect bag for drummers.” - THE TAMBOUR BAG


James Good : A few months in and I'm very satisfied with my leather bag. The leather was soft from the beginning, and only seems to get softer with additional use. I love the bag's size - it's smaller than a duffel bag, but larger than a backpack or messenger bag. The unique sizing makes it easy to carry lunch, a laptop, a change of clothes (or several), and more. It makes a great general piece of luggage for all but the smallest or largest trips. A sturdy shoulder strap provides additional convenience for heavier loads or longer trips. I'm looking forward to many years of use out of this bag.


Jefferson Shallenberger (Sugar Percussion) : “My primary concern with anything I buy is whether the person who made it cared about what they were doing. Without that it’s worthless to me. This bag leaves no question as to the intent, skill and follow through of it maker.” - THE TAMBOUR BAG


Pamela - Hubbard, Ohio : “The Backpack bag is just the right size for items needed on the go. It holds my cell-phone, car keys, and wallet with room to spare. I love the interior packet for easy access to credit cards and driver’s license. The convertible straps are amazing and easy to switch from over the shoulder to crossbody to backpack with just a few snaps.” - THE NINA MINI 

 “I was gifted the Everyday Bag for Christmas and almost 3 months later, it has lived up to its name… I use it everyday! It is large enough to hold my “Backpack” smaller bag, my lunch bag, water bottle, coffee tumbler and folders for work. The outside pocket is perfect for items needed in a hurry like my cell phone and car keys. I leave the over-the-shoulder strap on all the time just in case I have larger items to carry into work and need both hands free. The leather quality is amazing, it still looks brand new even through rain and snow storms.” - THE EVERYDAY BAG 


Summer McQuoun : “I, just like nearly every woman love purses. I have been looking for quite some time for a bag that not only fits everything I need but also has a concealed carry pocket for my firearm. I found just that with my custom made Everyday bag from Tambour. My bag is beautiful leather (that matches any outfit) it has both a long strap and two shorter straps. That are interchangeable allowing the look of the bag to change when needed. The craftsmanship of the bag is seen in the stitching which also adds and extra POP to the bag. This bag is to say the least simply perfect. I will be the first to admit I show it off and brag about it every opportunity I get!” - THE EVERYDAY BAG


Kelly McGrath : "Tambour Bag Co. has the most durable and classic bags that allow me to go from work to play in style! They are so functional for all of my professional and personal needs. The craftsmanship is second to none and the detail makes each bag unique. These bags are a showstopper and always a great conversation piece." #lovewhatucarry - THE TAMBOUR BAG